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Frequently Asked Questions about Bikram Yoga

 what is bikram yoga?
Bikram yoga is a challenging 26 asana (posture) series. Each pose is meant to be performed in a given order to the best of one’s ability. You will learn how the poses enhance the mind, and how they relax, strengthen, reshape, and heal the body. Bikram Choudhury scientifically designed this 90-minute program to deliver total health through the balancing and strengthening of every system in the body.

 why is heat used in bikram yoga?
Bikram yoga is based on the ancient form of hatha yoga and is performed in a heated room. The heat is used to allow for deeper and safer stretching. At first the heated room may seem intimidating, but after a few classes you will realize that you never want to exercise in any other environment.

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 is there a beginner class for me?
Classes are open to everyone regardless of your age or fitness level. The beauty of Bikram yoga is that there is no competition amongst students and there are no judgements made about your performance. Simply, the class is time that you have chosen to devote to yourself.

 how many days a week should I do bikram yoga?
Yoga can be practiced daily unlike other forms of exercise where you should rest in between workouts. Sometimes daily life gets in the way of consistent practice. Bikram recommends that you practice yoga a minimum of 10 times per month. However, if you have set certain goals to lose weight, reduce stress, or heal an injury, then more classes yield a quicker result. Bikram often tells new students, “Come everyday for the next 2 months and I will give you a new body, a new life.”

 how long is the class?
A Bikram yoga class is 90 minutes.

 at what time should I get to class?
The studio door will open 20 minutes before each class. First time students should arrive 20 minutes in advance. Please be on time as the door is locked once class begins.

 what should I wear to class?
You should wear comfortable workout clothing, but remember you will be sweating quite a bit. Women should wear shorts and a leotard/jogbra top. Men should wear shorts, and a T-shirt is optional.

 what else should I bring to class?
A yoga mat, 2 towels (1 for the class & 1 for a shower), and water are required for each class. Mat and towel rentals are available. Water may be purchased at the studio.

 should i eat before class?
It is recommended to practice Bikram yoga on an empty stomach. Also, please hydrate before coming to class.

 can I lose weight doing bikram yoga?
Weight normalization is one of many benefits of Bikram yoga. As a beginner, it takes 3 classes for your body to understand the proper approach to the postures. During the next 10 classes, digestion and respiration, as well as endocrine, lymphatic, and elimination systems will begin to work harmoniously. Your appetite will normalize and your unhealthy cravings will diminish. All of these results will help to normalize your weight if you devote yourself to regular practice at least, but preferably more than, 3 times per week.

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