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Bikram Yoga Tri-Valley Pleasanton

Bikram Yoga Pleasanton opened in June 1, 2011 and is the first yoga center to offer Bikram Yoga in the Pleasanton area. We have tried wherever we could to use the concepts of green architecture, energy efficiency and feng shui.

Bikram Yoga was developed by Bikram Choudhury and is based on the ancient form of hatha yoga. The yoga is performed in a heated room to allow for deeper and safer stretching. All instructors at the studio have been trained by Bikram Choudhury.

Our intention is to provide a neighborhood yoga community where knowledgeable, certified teachers guide all students toward receiving the benefits of their Bikram yoga practice, including greater mind, body, and spiritual awareness.

Yoga creates union between the body, mind, and soul and brings every body in balance.

about the directors:

Troy Myers and Aiko Nakasone are certified Bikram Yoga instructors who were trained by Bikram Choudhury at his Beverly Hills studio in the Fall of 2001. They both have extensive dance and acting training and have performed in numerous Broadway shows. They bring their years of training and life experience to their teaching. Troy and Aiko opened their first studio, Bikram Yoga Brooklyn Heights in New York, in 2003 and their 2nd location, Bikram Yoga Downtown NY, opened in 2008. They have been the coach to several competitors of the USA Yoga Asana Championships, most notably, the 6th International Yoga Champion – women’s division, Courtney Mace. Aiko has judged on several regional competitions, while Troy has judged at both the regional, national & the international level for several years.

about Bikram Yoga:

Bikram yoga is a challenging 26 asana (posture) series. Each pose is meant to be performed in the given order and done to the best of one’s ability. You will learn how the poses enhance the mind and how they relax, strengthen, reshape and heal the body. Bikram Choudhury scientifically designed this 90 minute program to deliver total health through the balancing and strengthening of every system in the body in order to prevent illness, injury and the limiting effects of aging.

This series of postures begins by waking up the body and expanding the lungs through deep breath work that pumps fresh oxygen into the circulatory system. The next few poses work every muscle, ligament and joint in the fingers, arms, shoulders, neck and upper spine. Then the spine is stretched in four directions to realign hunched shoulders, tight chests, and backs. This is followed by balancing postures that combine skills of concentration, patience, determination and self-control. The series continues to work systematically through the body, leaving not one organ, bone, joint, muscle, ligament, tendon, blood vessel, nerve or gland unattended. When your honest, hard work is finished, 100% of the body is optimally functioning. This is called ENERGY!

To truly understand the magic of Bikram Yoga, you must experience the life-enhancing benefits for yourself. For more information go to

about Bikram:

Bikram began learning Hatha yoga poses at age 4. At age 5, he met Bishnu Gosh (Paramahansa Yoganada’s brother), one of the greatest physical culturalists of our time. Gosh shaped champions. Bikram practiced 16 to 20 hours a day and at age 12, Bikram became the youngest contestant to win the coveted Indian national yoga competition. He repeated this feat three more years in a row. At 15, no one else wanted to enter. Gosh told Bikram to withdraw from the competition and to give a demonstration instead. In less than 30 minutes, Bikram executed over 500 postures to physical perfection. Swami Shivananda declared him “Yogi Raj” (King of the Yogis) and “the best yogi of the twentieth century.”

Bikram became a top cyclist, marathon runner and champion weightlifter. At age 20, a weightlifting accident crushed his knee, severely crippling him. The best doctors in Europe said he would never walk again. Gosh put him on a strict regimen of yoga. Six months later, Bikram’s knee was totally healed.

Bikram then toured the world with Gosh doing Hatha Yoga demonstrations and testing the health benefits of all the postures at many medical research centers. In a three year research project at Tokyo University Hospital, Bikram helped doctors prove that yoga regenerates tissues and cures chronic ailments. One of the most knowledgeable hatha yoga teachers in the world, Bikram has schools worldwide and has taught over three million students.

Bikram on Yoga:

“An individual operates on three levels of existence – physical, mental and spiritual. In India we concentrate on the physical first. You cannot become spiritually enlightened if you do not have the physical discipline.”

“Exercising alone is not enough. Some types of exercise destroy the body so you cannot use your brain and mind… If you run or jog you just dig your grave faster. You are gaining maybe 5 percent in your legs – that’s good – but internally you are hurting yourself. These exercises destroy the bones, joints, ligaments, everything. You become stiffer and stiffer. Most of the internal organs will not work well. That’s why, in America, everyone is the victim of chronic diseases.”

“The United States has 5 percent of the world’s population. That 5 percent has more back problems than the rest of the world combined. Every day doctors write half a million prescriptions for mental disease, but none of these people are mentally sick. The physical body is destroyed so they cannot use their brain and mind. The spine is ruined and the nervous system doesn’t work anymore.”

“AIDS patients, who are given six months to live, are alive and doing well several years later, thanks to my yoga routine. Yoga works with these people because it builds up the immune system.”

“My yoga system covers all of the body, from bone to skin and hair to toes. Each of the internal organs, glands, nerves, ligaments, veins and tissues are used.”

“Western people do not have the time to learn and perfect hundreds of poses, so I designed a routine of 26 postures that improves the whole body. The key to life is balance, if you are balanced, stress can’t touch you. My routine develops balance, strength and flexibility, and works equally well for beginning and advanced students.”

“These 26 poses go through the whole body, relieving stress, balancing and strengthening the glands, organs, circulation, digestion, nervous system, rejuvenates tissue, reverses the aging process, reshapes muscles, tendons and builds willpower, self-control, and patience.” About Benefits Studio Press FAQs Transportation Schedule Rates Contact Us Bikram Yoga Brooklyn Heights home Bikram Yoga Brooklyn bottom menu